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What To Purge And What To Replace From Your Closet

Posted by Natalie Sexton on

Spring Closet Clean Out Tips! 
Spring cleaning includes the closet! As the seasons change we need to be taking stock of our closet. It's easy to forget about old pieces that you still have that you no longer need or want. A cluttered closet can make it overwhelming to pick out your clothes. By cleaning out the old you can determine what you really need as you start shopping for the next season, as well as giving garments you no longer want a new life.
Questions to ask yourself: 
1. Does it still fit? 
2. Have I worn it in the last 6 months to a year? 
3. If I saw it in a store now, would I buy it? 
4. Do I love the way it looks on me? 
5. Is it damaged? 
Keep – Anything you love to wear that makes you feel great! If you find something you love, that you never wear, now can be the time to create a great outfit for it. 
Donate at ValueVillage - anything that you don’t love, anything you haven’t worn in a long time, or that you know just isn’t in style anymore. Someone else can get good use out of a piece that you no longer love or wear. By donating you are giving a garment a second life! This donation helps to make fashion sustainable as well as helping various charities. 
Toss- Worn out, ripped or stained items. 
Donating your unwanted clothing at Value Village, is a great way to keep reusable items from landfills and help the environment, and support Value Village’s local non-profit partners.

As you donate be sure to go in and check out the fabulous finds that they have. There are up to 10,000 new and value-priced items placed on the floor each day at Value Village – including authentic vintage finds and name brand fashions. 

Value Village is a great place to ‘shop the decades’ including top spring/summer styles like high-waisted denim, flowy dresses and cool accessories. They have an awesome selection!

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